LED Tshirts

Led T Shirts:

  •  Lights activated by sounds and music
  •  Panel  can be removed for easy wash.
  •  Control Box On/Off Level adjustment.
  •  2 “AAA”  Batteries Include.
  • Wireless Panel available

¢18..00, Please Call to make sure we have the one you want, or confirm when we will have available.  630-200-2050

Led T Shirts Specifications:

Turn Off Box before unplug the panel. If the panel is lighting upside down, turn off box, unplug panel from wire, rotate wire 180 and plug again. turn box.

In case of rain, turn off panel, remove it and put in a place safe of get wet.

In more noise places low the level of sensibility. in more low noise places, up the level of sensibility.


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